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Food Security

Increasing and improving healthy food environments and strengthening healthy food access.

Food security is a household’s ability to access nutritious foods, which contributes to an active and healthy life through physical, social, and economic means. Nearly 15-percent of Mecklenburg County’s households are considered food insecure, which means they have a reduced quality and variety of diet, may eat less, and eating patterns are disrupted due to lack of money and resources.

The goal of our programs is to increase and improve healthy food environments and consumption of water, and address food deserts—low-income areas without a supermarket or large grocery store. Food deserts lead to poor diets, which can contribute to obesity, Type-2 diabetes, and heart disease. Low-income individuals are also more likely to be exposed to advertising for unhealthy food products. Even when access to food is improved, healthy foods tend to cost more.

Program Areas

Food Access Disparities (Food Deserts)

Contact Information

For more information, contact Mamie Sackey Harris, Food Security Program Manager, 

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 980-314-9063