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Communicable Disease Control

Reducing the risk of transmission and slowing the spread of developing diseases.

The Communicable Disease Control program tracks and monitors the spread of suspected and confirmed cases of disease.  Public Health professionals investigate outbreaks to identify their source and work to contain them.  Communicable Disease Control plays a crucial role in prevention through public education campaigns related to hygiene and vaccination and by collaborating with healthcare providers to ensure best practices in infection control.

Additional Program Services​

  • Child Care CD Nurse

    A daycare teacher is interacting with a diverse group of engaged, young students.

    A resource to child care providers for the prevention and control of communicable diseases in the child care setting. The nurse plays an active role in the investigation of communicable diseases in child care facilities and works closely with Environmental Health in areas of sanitation.


    For blood exposure, the Child Care Provider should contact the Mecklenburg County Health Department at 980-314-9201 for information on how to proceed.

    Visit Child Care Health Consultants (CCHC) for information for licensed child care centers to establish policies and procedures to promote and improve the health and safety of children ages zero to five.

    Workshops for Child Care Providers:

    • Communicable Diseases


  • Adult Day Care Consultant

    Caregiver with senior adult

    The Adult/Health Day Care Consultant is a registered nurse who monitors Adult/Health Day Care services in Mecklenburg County. These centers provide structured programs during the day in a community group setting to support the personal independence of disabled and older adults. Programs are designed to promote participants’ social, physical, and emotional well-being while providing health care and food services.

    Routine compliance monitoring is performed by Adult Day Care Coordinators located at County Departments of Social Services and Adult Day Health Nurse Specialists located at County Departments of Public Health. 

    If you have questions about Adult Day Health/Day Care in a North Carolina county, please visit the NC DHHS Long Term Care Ombudsman for more information.

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Health Advisories for Providers

Health advisories and alerts from the Public Health department, CDC, NC Department of Health and Human Services, and other Health organizations. Sign up to receive Mecklenburg County Public Health advisories.

Communicable Disease Control

Telephone reports are requested within 24 hours for diseases of unusual significance, incidence, or occurrence which may merit an epidemiological evaluation including foodborne and waterborne outbreaks where a common source is suspected. A ​NC Communicable Disease Report Form should also be completed and faxed.


For more information, refer to the list of reportable diseases in North Carolina.

Phone: 980-314-9201Fax:704-353-1202

Non-Urgent Reports: 980-314-9201

After Hours Emergency CD Line for Providers: 704-432-0871

If you require immediate medical attention, please go to your local emergency department or call 911.