Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (IECMH) Services

Mecklenburg County Public Health provides comprehensive assessment and short term (10-16 weeks) evidence-based services for children from birth to 3 years old, addressing early trauma, attachment, behavior concerns, and parenting support.

Address: 3205 Freedom Dr

Email: [email protected]

Make a Referral: 704-336-7130

Why Focus on Early Childhood Mental Health?

Being mentally healthy during childhood means reaching developmental and emotional milestones and learning healthy social skills and how to cope when there are problems.

What We Offer

We believe this program fills a gap in accessible IECMH services.

Our in-home and community-based services can help with the following:

  • Feeling overwhelmed with being a new parent
  • Helping build a strong relationship with their baby or toddler
  • Helping support their child with regulating emotions and behavior
  • Dealing with difficult events such as-loss of a loved one, frequent moves or changes in caregivers, scary events such as break-ins, car accidents, or community violence
  • Ongoing significant stress due to divorce, substance use or domestic violence at home

Our licensed clinicians use the following evidence-based IECMH practice models during sessions:

  • Child Parent Psychotherapy: Prevention-oriented, trauma-informed therapeutic model that has a particular focus on healthy attachment styles.
  • Attachment Biobehavioral Catch-Up: Evidence-based practice model focusing on helping caregivers respond to their child’s signals and to help children to learn to regulate emotions and behaviors. This model primarily focuses on 6- to 24-month-old children (infants) OR 24- to 36-month-old children (early childhood).


Eligible families reside in Mecklenburg County, have young children (ages 3 years and younger), and are demonstrating concerns with any of the above issues. When you are ready to make a referral, call 704-336-7130 or complete our short online referral form. Please indicate interest in the IECMH program.

Make a referral and include IECMH as your reason for referral.