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Violence Prevention

Aims to reduce violence in Mecklenburg County by collaborating with County, City, partners, and community to increase opportunity and build healthier, more resilient communities.

Violence as a Public Health Issue

Violence is one of the most significant health problems in the United States not only because of death and injury, but also because of the harm, fear, and trauma caused to families and communities. It leads to a broad range of physical and mental health problems that disproportionately impact children, youth, and communities of color.

Approaching violence as a public health issue means identifying the root causes of this epidemic and using data, tools, and evidence-informed best practices to address those causes.


Preventing Violence at Three Levels

Primary: Stopping Violence Before It Occurs:
Strategies like youth development programs and community mentoring programs reduce risk factors and increase protective factors.

Secondary: Immediate Responses to Violence: 
Strategies like violence interrupter programs disrupt violent situations and provide immediate services for victims following an incident; hospital-based violence intervention programs can provide short-term assistance in addition to emergency medical care for victims of shootings.

Tertiary: Long-term Response to Violence:
Approaches such as restorative justice programs and re-entry programs focus on the longer-term impacts and consequences of violence to either prevent further harm or to prevent repeated acts of violence.

The Way Forward


Programs and Partnerships

  • Alternatives to Violence

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    To develop safer communities, the city of Charlotte is implementing the SAFE Charlotte initiative which includes violence interruption, hospital-based violence intervention and $1 million in grants to local organizations. The initiative also includes pathways to employment and affordable housing. 

    In partnership with Cure Violence Global, and Youth Advocate Programs, the city and Mecklenburg County launched the Alternatives to Violence (ATV) program in the Beatties Ford Rd. area.

    Learn more about the ATV program here.

  • Community Violence Data Dashboard

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    The Violence Prevention Data Collaborative (VPDC) is a partnership between local government and non-government agencies in Mecklenburg County. This partnership began in August 2020 with the purpose of combining and sharing data on violent crime in Mecklenburg County. 

    Data from the VPDC is used to make decisions about programs and policies and to measure the impact of violence prevention programs across the county. The Office of Violence Prevention is one of several local government agencies representing Mecklenburg County. 

    View the Community Violence Data Dashboard

  • Violence Awareness and Gun Safety

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    MCPH, Novant and Atrium have partnered to develop and distribute awareness materials related to gun violence and gun safety, including flyers and a children's activity book. Please click the links below to view and download the materials.

    Safe Gun Storage Infographic

    Violence free Zone Infographic

    Stop the Violence Activity Packs


    Violence Free Zone Awareness Campaign 

    The Clean Graffiti Awareness Campaign places of "clean graffiti" messages on sidewalks in areas that see higher rates of violence.


  • Carolina Violence Prevention Collaborative

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    If you are a representative of a local community-based organization (CBO), nonprofit group, local government agency, health care provider or private sector partner and are interested in joining the Carolina Violence Prevention Collaborative as either a partner or a member, please click this link to complete the web-based Pledge Form. Once you complete the Pledge Form, you will receive emails and other notifications from the MCPH Office of Violence Prevention regarding collaborative meetings and other events related to violence prevention and education in our region.

    Perks of Membership and Partnership with the CVPC: 

    • Special recognition and “shout-outs” for higher level of commitment to the CVPC,
    • Opportunities to fill roles and responsibilities to help sustain the Collaborative,
    • Opportunities to participate in and lead CVPC sub-committees (leadership available to Members only) 
    • Opportunities to promote and share your organization/agency, work, audience(s) and upcoming events during CVPC meetings,
    • Opportunities to act as a guest speaker at meetings (available to Members only) 
    • Opportunities to be featured or highlighted in any website or social media content released by the CVPC (available to Members only)  

    Contact the CVPC:

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